The blockchain and cryptocurrency space, is littered with too many uninformed and emotiondriven people and the following uninformed and emotiondriven discussions do not provide the value needed for us as investors. This has to change! 

Welcome to The Decrypter, we are a community of cryptocurrency investors. 

We strive to make you the best investor you can be and to make you achieve your full potential as a cryptoinvestor!


We provide you with articles on blockchain technology and coins, tokens and other investment vehicles to further your investmeent success. We also provide you with news and important events in these areas. And, lastly, we provide you with an open forum to discuss all this. All to provide you with the resources you need to make the best strategies for your investments!

Of course we do not only discuss bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, IOTA, and other mainstream crypto-investments but also those coins and tokens with low market cap that we believe will be the next BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP etc. besides coins and tokens we also discuss other ways to invest to hedge and/or diversify your cryptoinvestments.

To achieve this, all the writers on the site are handpicked to ensure quality content only (If you want to apply to become a blogwriter you can do so in the "become a writer!" section). This certifies that you get the best cryptocurrency investment strategies, tactics and tips possible. Writers of the site provide this both through analysis of charts, coins and tokens and other investments and also through the general discussion of blockchain technology, its implemantations and possibilities.

Furthermore, we provide an outlet for all crypto and blockchain related news so that you are up to date with your investments.

All posts and articles are of course availabe to vote and comment on by all our members, so that we can open up for discussion around  blockchain, cryptocurrency, coins, tokens etc. 

Our goal is to become THE place for you and all other investors and traders that are involved in the world of cryptocurrencies to find new exciting investment opporunities, minimize risk and maximize reward, and keep up to date with your investments. 

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